I am working on coordination and integration of foot/ankle-lower leg-hip to improve lower extremity functions.


I am working on ankle mobility, stability, and balance.

I am working on foot/toes/ankle mobility, stability, and balance.

I am working on coordinating flexors and extensors as I am sequencing to sidelying and prone. This is a very complex sequence that involves coordinating legs, torso, and arms and head. Improving the whole body coordination is very important in sports performance.


I am working on leg and torso integration and coordination. The timing of pelvis and torso movement is one of the key components.


This is a fun and playful exercise that helps you improve your shoulder stability, mobility, and coordination.  

This playful and fun exercise can help improve your balance and stability of ankle as well as improve coordination whole kinetic chain coordination. This is appropriate and helpful even for someone with sub-acute ankle sprain and post-op as it is a non-weightbearing exercise. The objective is quite simple: Balance a board on sole of foot and roll onto side and stomach and reverse.