"Taro possesses two qualities seldom found together in an individual.  He is technically very knowledgeable; but does not come across as "a know-it all."  Instead he is approachable.  When he is treating you he exhibits an innate awareness of how you are feeling at all times. I was very grateful Taro was part of the team that got me back on my feet in record time.  I am wishing the best to you Taro; in your new "solo" venture. To ALL of you out there; get Taro now!!! I expect he will be booked forever. He is that good.

a grateful client, Elana K "


"Taro shares a great deal of knowledge and experience with the community in his classes.  He is a kind and gentle guide in the exploration of learning how each person's body moves and options for moving differently.  Taro is patient, which encourages you to slow down and pay attention.  He has a great sense of humor as well.  I enjoy learning about my body and its movements and have found myself using the new knowledge in my daily life to prevent or lessen some of the aches and pains I experience.

~N. Peterson "


"I'm the first to admit I was intimidated by the idea of going to a Feldenkrais class.  I didn't know if I could pronounce it properly, let alone go into a roomful of strangers and practice it without embarrassing myself.

I shouldn't have worried.

I emailed Taro about my uncertainties (from asking "What should I bring?" to expressing concerns about my medical history and the possibility of a neurological / vestibular flare-up in class).  He responded with reassuring detail and invited me to attend ... to see what I noticed.

He was clear:  Whatever I could do would be just right for me, and even if I remained motionless and imagined the movements, I would notice something.

In that moment, I knew I had a wellness ally.

And I haven't missed a class since.

What I most appreciate about Feldenkrais is that I am developing a kind and interested awareness about the qualities of my movement:  an attitude of compassion ate curiosity that adds a comforting space in my day to day.

And, thanks to Taro, "notice" is now a beloved word.

Adel Brown
Greater Seattle Area


"Taro movement therapy has been a blessing!  Taro demonstrated a series of movements that would benefit my particular condition and permitted me to videotape his exercises to help me recall how to do them.  This was extremely useful so that I didn't have to wait for someone to come to my home or wait to have a ride to the physical therapy facility.  These exercises have made a big difference in my ability to become more independent.  I am very grateful for his help and recommend him as the therapist if you have a moving disorder or if you are a therapist interested in learning some of these exercises to offer to your clients.


Ms.Schalker "


"Taro is an excellent teacher - smart, kind, empathetic and possess a wisdom beyond his years. He brings knowledge, gentleness and positive energy to his classes, which makes them educational, helpful and enjoyable. He also has a good sense of humor, which, to me, is an important attribute for good teaching. His passion for his work clearly indicates he is following his right path. I would highly recommend taking any class Taro offers.

Devin R"


"Taro's leads the class in movement that is easy and effective. Each lesson leads me to a new understanding that simple movements are an important step to living my best pain free life. I recommend Taro's class to anyone who is wanting to put movement back into their life. Taro is approachable and shares his knowledge in a welcoming atmosphere.

Dawn R"