Here's What Trans4Move is All About


Hi, and Welcome!

I'm Taro Iwamoto, founder of Trans4Move.

If you've experienced or experiencing that :

  • You have back/neck pain or muscle/joint pain that comes and goes and never goes away completely
  • You have tried different modalities.  They helped some, but only temporarily.
  • You are confused about your conditions because everyone you saw had different explanations.
  • You feel that your body is a "wreck" because many medical professionals told you.
  • You gave up or thinking about giving up activities you love because of your injury and pain.

Or if you've ever wondered whether you'll ever solve your problem,

... You're in the right place!

Here's how Trans4Move Helps you solve your problem!

In our culture, there's huge gap between practitioners who "fix" body and practitioners who work with mind.  In reality, mind (brain) and body are two sides of the same coin and we wouldn't function without both.  Practitioners who work with body tend to view bodies as mechanical parts and often try to find a solution from a mechanical point.  After working with people for years I realized that a "working on body parts approach" or a "fixing parts approach" wouldn't lead to long-term improvements.  People who were supposedly "fixed" with this approach often came back with the same or similar problem.  The real problem wasn't weak muscle, tight muscle, torn ligaments/tendons, bulging discs, or pinched nerve.  All those findings were symptoms of how they moved and used their bodies. This is why symptoms often return after a while.  This is like taking medication to control cholesterol level while you don't change your eating and activity habits.  As long as you don't recognize your eating and activity habits, you will not make true improvement.  Similarly, solving your physical problem requires YOU to pay attention to recognize your movement habits that are related to your symptoms.  Attention is what engages your brain and unites mind and body.  For that, you will need to learn how to pay attention to your bodies and movements.  You will develop skills of how to pay attention to your bodies and movements to recognize your patterns and discover different options that serve you well at each situation.  This is exactly what you will gain from me.  This is the best gift you can give to yourself that will continue to grow with you for the rest of your life.  

How can you start?

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