Awaken Vitality Through Mindful Movement, Feldenkrais Method

What is one thing that gives you vitality?

I started my workshop “Awaken Vitality Through Mindful Movement” yesterday with this question. We all have something that makes us feel very excited, alive, energetic, but same old same old everyday routines tend to rob vitality from us, don’t they? I see my 3 year old son and all other kids who don’t seem to run out of vitality, and started wondering how we can stay as lively and excited as kids do everyday, that has led me to come up with this workshop.

I was born and raised in Japan until 18 years old and moved to the United States to study English and go to college. Until I moved to the States, I rarely met people besides Japanese. Meeting people from all over the world everyday was very eye-opening, refreshing, and stimulating, that I hadn’t experienced before. I can tell you I was definitely feeling vital during that time. This is exactly what is happening in kids’ brain daily as they’re experiencing and learning new things.

I can understand that experiencing new things and making discoveries from same old same old everyday life like kids can be challenging for adults, but we can learn to engage our brain and body in a way to make us feel vital everyday. I shared mind, body, movement principles based on the Feldenkrais Method to change the way we feel from the inside out using mindful movement.

It was very wonderful to see how everyone in the workshop changed: their posture, walking, breathing, eyes, and face, which reflect internal changes. They were all feeling a lot more lively and energetic before they came! Seeing them transform has definitely made me feel just as lively! Thanks for your participation and great workshop!

 Get help to move more comfortably and be more comfortable in your body and feel more vital.

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My name is Taro Iwamoto. I am a Feldenkrais practitioner and movement expert. I help people develop new and more efficient movement patterns and expand movement options in order to overcome injuries/pain and move beyond limits. Feel free to post in the comments section below and feel free to share this with your friends!