Paradigm Shift in "Fixing" Posture

paradigm shift.jpg

Have you tried to fix your posture by strengthening and stretching muscles or by adjusting the spine or by consciously trying to correct your posture but you still have the same posture as before?  And do you wonder why you can’t change your posture?

I’m going to challenge your thinking and give you a new perspective in posture and how to change/improve it.  In order to improve your posture, it is important to define what posture is. Here is how I define posture: Posture is not a static alignment or position of our body.  Posture is rather a dynamic action and movement that is constantly changing even when you are sitting/standing still.  It is also important to note that posture is regulated and controlled by subconscious part of the brain.  This is exactly why it’s impossible to correct your posture by conscious effort.  As soon as your attention shifts to something else, subconscious brain takes over postural control and you go back to the same old habitual posture.  

Another important thing is habitual movement patterns , in this case habitual posture (posture is a movement rather than an alignment/position).  Habitual movement patterns create biases in how you move and how you use your bodies.  You move certain ways/directions more than some other ways/directions.  Let’s say, you tend to sit with back more rounded and you tend to keep back rounded during most activities.  This habitual movement pattern starts to change how your brain perceives your bodies in space and the habitual movement pattern becomes the norm/"neutral".  As I said, subconscious brain controls posture, and it relies on the “brain maps” created by movements.  

So now the real question is: how can you improve your posture?  Again, posture is an action and movement, not an alignment/position.  If you want to improve posture, you need to improve movement.  More specifically, you need to create more movement variability instead of staying within your habitual movement patterns so you can update your “brain maps”.  Then, you leave it to your subconscious brain to take care of your posture.  You will find that your posture improves without your conscious effort at all.  This is very hard to conceptualize without actually experiencing it.  I plan on uploading videos on my youtube channel that show a few specific exercises (or I call movement lessons) you can do at home to improve your posture.  I also encourage you to check out my Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class or any ATM class in your area.  

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