Movement Matters

Let me share why i care so much about movement.  Just as a side note, the only thing I care just as much, if not more is food.  I can literally talk/think about food all day.  Oh, I didn't forget about my family, of course not.  They are the number 1!  

Anyway, back to the main topic.  I entered a healthcare/fitness profession because I wanted to help people just like most other people.  My goal/mission as a movement educator/therapist is just one simple thing:  To help people become happier.  If my clients are happier at the end of session than when they came, I know I've done something good.  I understand there are many ways to do that, but why movement??  I believe movement is essential to our life. Everything we do has something to do with movement.  When I say movement, I don't mean exercise. Without movement babies would not be able to recognize his own body and how he relates to the world.  Movement is directly related to our life.  We would not be able to eat without moving.  We would not be able to laugh without moving.  We would not be able to cry without moving.  We would not be able to breathe without moving, so we would be dead without movement.  Because it has such a direct influence on our life, it provides an entry point for possibilities for changes, for better or worse.  I definitely try to take an advantage of this entry point to make a positive shift for myself and my clients.  So let's move better, feel better, and live happier!