Team Play

If you ever played a team sport, you know how important it is that each player contributes to a game to make a great team, right?  Even you have a very talented player on your team, it's very unlikely that your team will be good if only that one player works hard on the field/court.  This same principle applies to our movements.  For example, I worked with many clients with neck pain.  They had neck pain when they looked up or turned their head to look behind.  Most of the time they were mostly using their neck to orient head with very little movement in other parts of their body like mid back, shoulders/shoulder blades, ribs, hips, etc.  The neck was the only player contributing to the work, sort of, while other players were hanging out and watching the neck doing all hard work.  No wonder the neck got sore!!  Neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, you name it, but it's very common that people violate the team play principle.  This is one of many principles taught in Feldenkrais Method & Martial Arts (Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Judo, etc).  Check out my Awareness Through Movement classes & one-on-one Movement Re-education session to work on your "Team Play" skill!