Product vs Process

In Feldenkrais Method, we learn how to create optimal learning conditions for our clients or create safe conditions for the nervous system so learning can take place organically.  We focus on creating a process that leads to their learning as opposed to giving them end products.  I believe learning occurs in the "process" of doing something instead of trying to achieve a "goal.".  Learning is not in the end products.  For example, a child works on a jigsaw puzzle for the first time, and h/she is given the final picture beforehand.  H/she knows exactly what h/she is going to get while putting together all pieces.  Another child doesn't know the end product and works on the same puzzle.  It may take a longer time for the second person to finish the puzzle, but what h/she will gain in terms of problem solving skills is much more than just finishing the puzzle. This analogy also applies to motor learning.  In typical exercise classes an instructor shows the end product then students will mimic the instructor.  Another example is that I have no sense of direction and so often I get lost, and also discovery new cool places by accident.  If I had known how to get to my destination precisely, I would not have found those cool places. In Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes, a teacher purposefully hide a destination (this sounds kind of mean, but we're not) to create a process where students will explore and discover something that they wouldn't if they knew the destination ahead of the time.

Let's get lost in Awareness Through Movement classes to discover something!